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Candice R. Broock503-224-0055 ext 231cbroock@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Christopher T. Carson503-224-0055 ext 214ccarson@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Jeffrey M. Kilmer (ret.) 
James P. Laurick503-224-0055 ext 212jlaurick@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Robert S. May503-224-0055 ext 241rmay@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Robert B. Miller503-224-0055 ext 221bobmiller@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Robert C. Muth503-224-0055 ext 223rmuth@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Kurt C. Peterson503-224-0055 ext 209kpeterson@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Graham M. Sweitzer503-224-0055 ext 228gsweitzer@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Wm. Jere Tolton, III503-224-0055 ext 217jtolton@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Peter J. Viteznik503-224-0055 ext 219pviteznik@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Stephen C. Voorhees503-224-0055 ext 213svoorhees@kilmerlaw.comvcard
Alexander S. Wylie503-224-0055 ext 210awylie@kilmerlaw.comvcard

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Donald W. Kolb503-224-0055 ext 225
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Litigation Support Manager

Bob Patterson503-224-0055 ext 220bpatterson@kilmerlaw.comvcard


Douglas Swayne503-224-0055 ext 206dswayne@kilmerlaw.comvcard