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Commercial Disputes & Litigation

Our Commercial Disputes & Litigation attorneys help clients resolve disputes that arise in business and financial relationships. We appreciate how time consuming and expensive commercial disputes can be, and therefore view litigation as a last resort. In this regard, we try to approach commercial disputes as business people, looking for the most efficient, productive and cost efficient means of resolution. When, however, litigation becomes necessary to resolve a difficult situation, we are able to apply extensive and broad commercial litigation and trial experience.

Our attorneys have experience litigating most issues that can arise in business transactions, including commercial sales of goods, protection of claims in bankruptcy proceedings, secured personal and real property transactions, contract disputes, warranty disputes, sales of businesses, shareholder and partner disputes, commercial banking and financial matters, personal and real property leases, construction disputes and fiduciary responsibility in the context of business entities, investments and qualified pension plans under ERISA. This litigation experience includes pre judgment and provisional process remedies when quick, aggressive action is appropriate. We also have extensive experience in mediating and arbitrating such disputes before special panels, the AAA or other Alternative Dispute Resolution forums.

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